Who is Fátima Segovia: What is the story of the comic actress who ventures into OnlyFans

Fatima Segovia is a Peruvian model and comedic actress, who in the entertainment world is known under the nickname ‘La Chuecona’. Recently, her name has sounded more forceful due to her foray into the OnlyFans platform, from which she gains more followers every day. Here we tell you all the details of her story.

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When did Fátima Segovia appear in the world of TV?

His foray into the world of chollywood was thanks to the program ‘El especial del humor’. After that, in 2018, he decided to return with everything to ‘El wasap de JB’ and was also part of ‘JB en ATV’.

Why do they call Fátima Segovia ‘La Chuecona’?

As detailed by Segovia, her nickname originated during a sketch she did with Carlos Vílchez, where she had to wear tight shoes, which caused her to walk with difficulty, which is why everyone baptized her as “La Chuecona”.

Why did ‘La Chuecona’ move away from TV?

On January 22 of this year, Fátima Segovia did not appear on ‘JB en ATV’ and her absence surprised more than one. During the broadcast of the program, Jorge Benavides himself confirmed that the actress would not appear because she was on medical leave.

“For people who are wondering what has become of Fátima Segovia, the popular ‘Chuecona’, she is currently on health leave. So, from here, a greeting to our colleague, Fátima Segovia, that you get better and that everything goes well for you”, he expressed.

‘La Chuecona’ follows in the footsteps of Xoana and now also makes content for adults

That same day, on Instagram, the model explained that she would undergo an operation and that there was no date for her return to TV.

“They will not see me on television until further notice (…) I have to undergo an operation in the fortnight of February and I am preparing for that, it is in the calf, I have a small bacterial infection that has worsened”, manifested.

Fátima Segovia triumphs in OnlyFans with adult content

Currently, “La Chuecoca” decided to follow in the footsteps of Xoana González and offer high-voltage content on OnlyFans.

“Now the OnlyFans of ‘La Chuecona’ is totally pornographic, it is no longer where only images are suggested or that it is something sensual, it has already gone from sexy to pornographic”, said Magaly Medina.

Only for the live broadcast on his OnlyFans, he managed to raise more than 8,300 dollars, that is, approximately 30,000 soles. So his return to TV would not be in his plans, to the sadness of his followers.

Fátima Segovia now records adult videos with her boyfriend on OnlyFans

Now that she is fully dedicated to her OnlyFans, the popular ‘Chuecona’ is not afraid to show it all and leaves nothing to the imagination with her erotic photos and videos.

In this way, Fátima Segovia now follows in the footsteps of Xoana González, who records videos with her husband, and has invited her partner Omar Bolaños to participate in the content she shares on this platform for adults.


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