Who is Karin Marengo and why is she being investigated together with Alfredo Benavides in the case of money laundering?

The humorist Alfredo Benavides has been under investigation in the case of money laundering together with the former mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, Carlos Burgos. However, he is not the only member of his family who is involved in the investigation, since his sister-in-law Karin Marengo Núñez -wife of Jorge Benavides– She could also be sentenced if her involvement in this crime is proven.

Karin Marengo is a dancer whose husband is comedian Jorge Benavides. Both were married since 2009 and over the years he has helped the comedian in different productions. Even in 2020, her husband stressed that she “is the engine of JB’s El Wasap right now.”

Karin Marengo with her husband Jorge Benavides.

In a recent testimony to which America Noticia had access, protected witness No. 01-13-2020 gave information that not only complicates the situation of Alfredo Benavides, but also commits Karin Marengo.

Thus, in said statement, the protected witness indicated that she made a money loan with which Carlos Burgos bought a property in Trujillo, which she registered under the title of Alfredo Benavides.

“There have been some commercial relationships between them and as a result of this, through a loan of money that the wife of Jorge Benavides (Karin Marengo Núñez) would have made him […] and with additional money, Carlos Burgos acquired a property in the city of Trujillo for 600 thousand dollars, which would also have registered it in the name of Alfredo Benavides, “he said.

It is important to note that this statement is key to the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office, which calls for 36 months in preventive prison against Alfredo Benavides, Karin Marengo and others implicated in the commission of the alleged crimes of money laundering with aggravating circumstances that, in the worst case scenario, it could cause them to lose their freedom for 20 years.

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