Who is Michael Hernandez? The charismatic presenter of “The corner of the blind”

BY: Estefany Valladares

When Michael Hernández Otero was 15 years old, he was diagnosed with the congenital disease VKH, syndrome that would leave him blind. He first lost vision in his left eye and after a few months in his right. At that time, after being depressed and locked in his room for a month, His life took a 180 degree turn.

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He assumed his blindness like the brave and decided never to abandon himself. He studied oriental techniques of massage, physiotherapy and acting, and today he hosts his virtual program ‘The corner of the blind’, a magazine of interviews with artists that is broadcast every Thursday on Facebook. He is also part of the cast of ‘Sin Vergüenza’, directed by the outstanding actor Lucho Cáceres, which is presented at the Julieta Theater with the play ‘ Así nos otros’.

“The most painful part of my life was the day they told me I was going to go blind. Not even a month passed and he no longer saw out of one eye. He was relieved because he was innocently saying, ‘well, at least I have the other one,’ and it didn’t take that long for him to see that one either. The world is falling apart and you say ‘what else can happen to me if everything bad has already happened to me?’”remembers Michael, 38 years old and with an excellent taste for Creole food and cheerful drinks.

He studied oriental techniques of massage and physiotherapy.

“My program started in 2020 during the pandemic with videos cooking and my dad recorded me. People don’t believe me, but I prepare lomito saltado, chaufa rice, noodles and some good mojitos. Until one day I said to myself: ‘I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I have artist friends to do something else,’ and with the help of my great friend and actress Pilar Astete, I created ‘The blind man’s corner’”. Serie.

This resident of El Agustino confesses that in one of those interviews he finished two bottles of pisco with Lucho Cáceres, that he had a great time interviewing Giovanni Ciccia, and that his dream would be to act with Vanessa Saba and Pold Gastelo, whom he has already interviewed. “Pold is an incredible actor, happily we are friends and everything I know I learned from him. I would love to be a villain and share roles with Vanessa, can you imagine? a blind villain, ha ha”, it states. He also thanks the comedian Manolo Rojas, who helped him in the hardest moments.

In addition to being an actor and physical therapist, Michael practices swimming in the open sea.
In addition to being an actor and physical therapist, Michael practices swimming in the open sea.

“I started doing oriental massages, then I studied physiotherapy and that’s how I learned to bring happiness back to people”reveals Michael, who proudly wears the light blue uniform and works at his El Agustino store or at home. This “happily married” man is also fond of swimming in the open sea. “We must learn to laugh at ourselves. Regardless of blindness, in life there are two things, either you sink or you get up, and I decided to get ahead “indicates.

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