Who is the 9 Brazilian that Colo Colo wants?

The information in the last hours of the Brazilian 9 that Colo Colo has ready for Gustavo Quinteros caught the Cacique fans by surprise, who without knowing the player’s name they quickly began to speculate about this new center forward that could reach the Monumental.

Finally, the attacker turned out to be Diogo de Oliveira, 24-year-old center-forward who currently plays for Plaza Colonia in Uruguay and recently won the title of champion in Uruguayan football in the recently completed Apertura.

The player comes from converting six goals in the current Uruguayan soccer season in 13 games played, being one of the great discoveries of Uruguayan football in recent years.

Diogo arrived at Plaza Colonia in 2020 after being seen by Carlos Manta and Chiqui Garcia, leaders and part of the sports management of the Uruguayan club. At first they traveled to Brazil to close the signing of Leonai Souza, current midfielder of the team that played for Comercial-SP, a small club in the São Paulo league.

However, in addition to Souza, They ended up signing Diogo de Oliveira, a teammate who dazzled the Uruguayan leaders with his good football and offensive play, ending a year later as one of the figures of the team and scorer of the 2021 Apertura champion team.

Colo Colo already had contacts with the leadership of Plaza Colonia and from Uruguay they affirm that the offer to close the player’s signing is being studied. In the Monumental they are waiting for the approval of Gustavo Quinteros, who in addition to Diogo wants him to arrive Fabián Orellana to replace Martín Rodriguez.

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