Who is the defendant who turned himself in for the murder in a Berisso pension

Rolando Chavez, the victim

Yesterday there were very important developments in the case investigating the crime of a 38-year-old man in Berisso. It was with the spontaneous presentation of the suspect in a police headquarters in that city.

According to what was expressed by official sources, who was identified as Fernando Ariel Maldonado (48), turned himself in together with a lawyer at the office located on Calle 168 between 8 and 9, where he was left at the disposal of the prosecutor María Eugenia Di Lorenzo. .

Maldonado, a resident of the 5 de Mayo neighborhood of Ensenada, is charged as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Rolando Damián Chávez in life.

As this newspaper published exclusively, for reasons that are now trying to be determined, in a pension on Calle 8 between 165 and 166 there was an altercation between the victim and his ex-wife, who, apparently, was not alone.

According to the investigations, she was accompanied by Maldonado, her current partner, who allegedly took sides and got fully into the confrontation.

In these circumstances, always based on the evidence that the detectives working on the case were able to collect, Chávez was stabbed in the chest, which hours later triggered his death at the Mario Larrain hospital.

The spokespersons consulted by this newspaper syndicate Maldonado as the author of the deadly attack.

A neighbor even said that the attack occurred right in the middle of a power outage, which made it difficult to obtain images from the neighborhood security cameras.

However, there would be a number of witnesses whose statements could be used as prosecution evidence.

That is how the raking began to achieve the capture of the accused, who was identified from the start.

A source confessed that, surrounded and with no way out, Maldonado decided to “fight” for his procedural situation from within the file.

In relation to the ex-partner of the victim, although she was transferred to a police station, after the required paperwork, she regained her freedom, without the prosecutor Di Lorenzo adopting a temper against her ambulatory freedom.

One version stated that the dispute that ended in the worst way had its origin in a cell phone, although at the moment it is a rumor without any other supporting evidence.

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