Who left Le Meilleur Pâtissier at the end of the twelfth episode?

At the end of an evening under the sign of Spain, one of the five candidates still present in the competition had to leave the adventure. Find out who was eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef this Wednesday, November 23.

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Viva Spain! This season’s finale Best Pastry Chef is fast approaching on M6. Last week, after making viewers laugh with the realization of unlikeliest busts of celebrities, one of them had to leave the competition. This is Sébastien, the amateur pastry chef who has returned to the tent thanks to the secret kitchen. There are therefore only five candidates left: Manon, Cléo, Nils and lovers Benjamin and Adelina. Indeed, came on the show to practice their passion, they finally fell for each other in the middle of filming. A love story that had made the happiness of Cyril Lignac, Mercotte and Marie Portolano, who had a touching reaction when they heard the news.

The candidates hang on for the Mercotte test

During Cyril’s challenge, the candidates had to revisit the churros, this fried pastry that delights the taste buds of the Spaniards. It’s up to them to make it a good balanced dessert while keeping the fundamentals. At the end of the event, Cléo, who did not convince with her macaron-shaped churros, and Adelina who offered a cupcake, flopped. As for Manon’s éclair and Benjamin’s square churros, these two melted Cyril Lignac and Mercotte. Let’s go to the technical test. They thought they had seen it all Mercottebut no, since they had to make… the Sagrada Familia, the emblematic basilica of Barcelona. If the cake itself was not very complicated – despite some elements of the recipe written in Spanish – the realization of the church in turron (a kind of Spanish nougat) was a disaster for most of them . Results, Adelina ranks at the bottom of the ranking, followed by Nils, then Cléo. Shoulder to shoulder since the beginning of the episode, Manon wins first placeand Benjamin the second.

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A record broken in The Best Pastry Chef and an eliminated candidate…

Time for the creative test to close the evening. It’s up to them to pay homage to Spain by creating a symbol of the country. To support and judge them, chef Joakim Prat was on the way. Nils took on the task of representing a conquistador’s boat. A former dancer, Manon made a flamenco shoe, Benjamin made a bull and Cléo got into bullfighting. Adelina has produced an exceptional guitar that has earned her the guest conductor’s favourite. For once, Manon keeps her blue apron and breaks a record in the history of the Best Pastry Chef. Unfortunately, Cléo did not manage to seduce the jury and left the competition.

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