Who left the Best Pastry Chef after the eighth episode?

The temperature rose a notch this Thursday, November 25 in The best pastry chef. On the theme “50 shades of cream”, the candidates tried to make the jury blush. But who has not succeeded in seducing Cyril and Mercotte? We tell you everything.

Ambiance hot under the tent of Best pastry chef this evening ! The pastry contest took on its finery this Thursday, November 25 to play the card of seduction. And yes, it was the return of the famous theme “50 shades of cream“. On the program: love and passion, sprinkled with humor as always. And if some have revealed their seductive side, others on the other hand have taken a few rakes …

Desire, desire

You imagined that Cyril Lignac was going to ask the pastry chefs to make a dessert made from passion fruit? Fault ! He challenged them to work on … the banana, “the most sensual and sexy fruit” according to him. “It is one of the most difficult fruits to work with in baking“, warned the Aveyron native. But also one of the least inspiring for some candidates. To complete the affair a little, it was necessary in addition to the dessert”defy the laws of gravity and stand upright“. And Paul-Henri and Aya took the jury to seventh heaven, Marion and Maud they did pschitt.

Mercotte has, for its part, proposed a “embrace”, a dessert representing an entwined couple, composed of a puff pastry, a ganache whipped with vanilla and a compote of strawberries and ginger, topped with a chocolate bar temperate. Halfway through the test, the candidates learned that they were working in pairs since they each only had half the recipe. The duo Mohamed-Jerome offered the most beautiful hug, while Marion and Maud completely missed their assembly. A second failure for the two young women who therefore find themselves in danger before the creative test.

Very first time

For the creative test, the candidates will have to tell a “first time” in cake. First date, first kiss, first love … the field of possibilities is vast! They will have to seduce the taste buds of Mercotte and Cyril as well as a chef who comes for the first time in the program: Maxence Barbot. “I want at first glance, I understand your naughty memory“, warns the chief. It promises! If there is one which was”inspired by love“, it’s good Aya, whose cake offered “a big hug“to jurors. Conversely, Jérôme, Jérémy and Marion did not leave an unforgettable memory to the jurors.

If the jury has long hesitated between Aya and Paul-Henri for the blue apron, it is ultimately the latter who obtained it. Unfortunately, Marion failed to raise the bar and was eliminated at the end of this eighth week of competition.

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