Who left the Best Pastry Chef after the second episode?

At the end of an evening rich in emotions, The best pastry chef saw the elimination of one of its candidates. TV-Leisure take stock if you missed this episode.

That’s it ! The contenders under Best pastry chef 2021 can finally practice their art under the famous tent of the M6 ​​program. After a first issue which saw the elimination of six candidates at once, here are our fourteen amateur pastry chefs ready to do battle. For this second week, the culinary competition of M6 is eyeing the side of another famous program of the chain: Love is in the meadow. Animals and farm products were indeed at the heart of the day’s trials.

Full of eggs and honey

Cyril Lignac first asked candidates to “decline the egg in a trompe-l’oeil larger than life“. Flat, hull, hard … we saw all kinds of things during the” challenge of Cyril “. Some particularly delighted our formidable judges with a sharp palate, likeAurelie, Aya and Jeremy. Conversely, Anne-Loup, Méryl and Nicolas tripped over the carpet in this event.

Then place the technical test of Mercotte, the first of the season. And the Savoyard did not go there with the back of the spoon! Objective: a huge cake made up of eight two-tone layers of lemon madeleine biscuit and a creamy honey nectar, topped with vanilla whipped cream and bees in sugar paste. All surrounded by bubbly chocolate, which Mercotte was absolutely keen on. An entire program ! Successful bet for Jerome, Aurelie and Alexandre, but not at all for Guillaume, Margaux and Nicolas.

Never seen in The best pastry chef !

Finally, to finish deciding among the amateur pastry chefs, the candidates had to make a cake with the effigy of their favorite farm animal. All under the watchful eye of Christelle Brua, voted best pastry chef in the world in 2018 and pastry chef at the Élysée since 2019. Some have made a strong impression, such as Mohamed and his cock and Aurelie and his hen. As for Margaux, his donkey caught the eye of the pastry chef who even offered to take her as an apprentice. Respect! Unfortunately, the ordeal did not go as well for Margaux, who had to face a failure when unmolding his cat cake which had not taken enough. In anger, the hairdresser threw her cake in the trash … and presented it to the jury. A behavior that shocked Cyril and Mercotte who have never seen that in ten years of broadcasting. Having already failed the technical test and having presented nothing to the jury for this third exercise, Margaux leave the adventure of Best Pastry Chef this week. She will keep fond memories of it … and an imposing tattoo on her arm.

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