“Who wants to be a millionaire?” – With this beauty question, even Jauch looked old

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” – Did you know? |

With this beauty question, Jauch looked old

Here even the quizmaster was at a loss…

When asked about a cosmetic surgery on Wednesday evening at “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Candidate Christoph Klöckner was completely blown away. And he wasn’t alone in that. Günther Jauch (66) didn’t have a clue either. In the end, two jokers from the patent attorney from Unterhaching had to believe it. They were female and had the right nose.

For Klöckner it was already about 64,000 euros. The question: “What does a woman often have professionally treated because it is perceived as unsightly?” A: blackberry nose, B: strawberry chin, C: raspberry forehead or D: gooseberry neck. Jauch groaned: “Oh you green nine!” And then joked: “Now we need Bibi from the Beautypalace.” But the successful YouTuber was not among Klöckner’s telephone jokers.

Candidate Christoph Klöckner had no clue when it came to the question

Candidate Christoph Klöckner had no clue when it came to the question

Photo: Photo: RTL / Dirk Borm

Just as little as his wife, who as a dermatologist would probably only have laughed at such a question. Even the 50/50 joker didn’t help the guessing fox. Strawberry chin and gooseberry neck stopped. Klöckner had favored the blackberry nose. “Maybe like an alcoholic.” Jauch admitted: “I thought so too. It’s a little swollen. What a snappy nose.” The quiz master remembered that he had only known that in men before.

Eventually Klöckner called an acquaintance. In case she didn’t know, Jauch suggested: “Then we’ll compliment her that she doesn’t have to worry about such an operation.” But the person asked had at least a tendency, advised the strawberry chin. Her reason: “It could be that it’s the hair on the chin.” But Jauch was not convinced. “Then shaving is enough.”

Günther Jauch puzzled with candidate Christoph Klöckner

Günther Jauch puzzled with candidate Christoph Klöckner

Photo: Photo: RTL / Dirk Borm

So the candidate pushed the next joker and asked a young woman in the audience. She also tapped the strawberry chin. She believed, “It’s all about the form. If the chin has such humps as the strawberry, it is straightened out.” In addition, she has come across the term several times. It was enough to boldly let Klöckner log in.

Correct answer, but his audience joker’s explanation was wrong. Jauch read from his monitor: “There are wrinkles in the mouth and chin area. Like children who clench their lips tightly when crying or in defiance.” He could imagine how the problem would be treated. “With Botox!”

How does Botox work?  |  info.bild.de infographic

For his candidate, the next question was over. After all, he was able to look forward to 64,000 euros for the time being. But with a bit of luck, it could become much more. Klöckner gambled in the third episode of Jauch’s 3 million week.

Anyone who has earned at least 16,000 euros in the three consecutive shows can quiz for the mega jackpot in the final on Thursday. A total of nine candidates have this chance.

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