Who was the best in the first half of the 2021 season?

Colo Colo finished the first half of the season as the brand new winter champion after completing the first round of the 2021 National Championship, this after be a leader with 33 units after the victory against Deportes Antofagasta in the Monumental Stadium.

The point is ideal to begin to carry out the pertinent analyzes around a team that knew how to leave behind the trauma experienced in the 2020 season, where the terrible white performance led us to play a game for permanence to avoid relegation to the First B.

Without a doubt, one of the great contributions of the team came at the feet of Leonardo Gil, who in the midfield gave an important clarity to Gustavo Quinteros’ team, being one of the good figures of the white squad.

In addition, there is the irruption of Vicente Pizarro in this area, entering from the bench to avoid leaving the starting team. Together with César Fuentes they have managed to put together a reliable triangle in the middle of the field thanks to Gil’s hierarchy.

In the arc Brayan Cortés is enjoying one of the best moments of his career, being one of the goalkeepers with the fewest goals against Chilean football so far this season.

Gabriel Costa for his part has risen from the hand of Gustavo Quinteros on the bench, being one of the most decisive players of Colo Colo in the attack, either converting or creating goal options.

The Chief was reunited with his fans at the close of this first round of the tournament. | Photo: Colo Colo.

Finally, we must assess the growth that Iván Morales has had, who he left his irregularity in the first team in the past to be that scorer that we have been waiting for so long. With 10 points he is one of the top gunners of the tournament, in addition to registering with three assists.

With these data on the table, we ask you who ended up being the great figure of the first part of the tournament. Was it Gil? Do we reward Morales for his goalscoring year? The Vicho Pizarro without a doubt? Vote now !:

Now Colo Colo will visit Unión La Calera this next Wednesday, August 25, starting at 4:30 p.m., where he will have a good opportunity to stretch his lead in the lead and escape from the cement.

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