Who wins? Peruvian and Argentine cocktail face off, try them

The Peruvian team still has a chance to qualify for the Mundial Qatar 2022 And to achieve this, he will have to face the Argentine national team at the Monumental de Núñez in Buenos Aires this Thursday at 6.30 in the afternoon.

The renowned barman Roberto Meléndez, from his bar in the in Miraflores, in an interview for the group El Comercio, he gives us a Peruvian and an Argentine recipe, with which we can make our own cocktail versus and shout the red-and-white goals. Let’s go with faith!

Argentina: Fernet with coca

preparation: You need a long highball glass, you place four ice cubes in it, add two ounces of fernet branca and complement with coca cola. And in a minute it’s ready.

The fernet with coca cola is a very typical drink of Buenos Aires. Argentines are used to drinking bitter liquors such as vermouth, fernet, campari, aperol, their palate is always directed towards bitter drinks“Said Roberto Meléndez.

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White Fernet (Photo: Pixabay)

Peru: Sun and shade

preparation: A long highball glass is needed, ice and ginger ale are added. In another glass, the premix of the combination of an ounce of pisco with an ounce of cherry is made and added on top of the glass with ice and ginger ale. Pisco removes the density of the cherry liqueur, then it stays on top and two colors are produced, sun and shade. At the end you decorate it with an orange segment and that’s it.

Roberto Meléndez tells us that the drink ‘Sol y sombra’ has a more daring history (than the fernet with coca cola). It dates from the bullfighting fairs in which there were two places: the part that gives the sun, where people with low resources were located and the shady section that was for those with greater resources. “After the bullfighting event, which begins at 3 o’clock and ends at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, people would go out with excitement to drink wine, pisco or whiskey. In the end, the people who were left forget their status, those of the sun and the shade would get together. It is said that so much was the hubbub that it was not necessary to drink and they mixed the pisco, the cherry and the ginger-ale and from there the famous sun and shade comes out.”He recalled.

The Capitán Meléndez Bar in Miraflores, located on Calle Alcanfores 199, opens its doors at noon until 10 at night. This Thursday for the game Peru vs. Brazil will offer promotions 2 Sol y sombra cocktails for S / 35 and 2 Fernet Branca cocktails with coca cola for S / 35. Reservations to WhatsApp at 992 008 870.

Sun and shadow (Photo: Facebook Bar Capitán Meléndez)
Sun and shadow (Photo: Facebook Bar Capitán Meléndez)


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