Why Bill Gates thinks the invasion of Ukraine would be “good in the long run”

Bill GatesWhether we like it or not, he has become as controversial a figure as a mandatory reference for the global community. Whatever the topic, including the highly complex topic of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Microsoft co-founder at the time earned global recognition Valid for being one of the few leaders in his field who was able to predict exactly what would happen in a global pandemic scenario, even years before it happened.

So, since then, Gates’s opinion has gained more weight for any issue with a global impact, I have no direct relationship with technology. So it was only a matter of time before the subject spoke on the subject of Ukraine and Russia.

True to his tradition, Bill Gates has just spoken about the subject with a perspective that could cause a bit of controversy and that has at least sparked conversation among the community.

Since in the midst of all this violence and aggression, the man suggests that perhaps everything that is happening could have a positive side.

Bill Gates and his controversial opinion of the invasion of Ukraine

In a talk for The Exchange program with the guys from CNBC (via Max Blumental) Gates ended by speaking on the subject of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, raising an opinion that has triggered some criticism, by noting that said war episode could be positive.

Specifically, Bill Gates declared that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will be “good in the long run” because it will force European nations to adopt renewable green energy before the time that everything seemed to point to.

The central theme of the talk for the show was always this recent fixation by Gates for pushing green energy alternatives to fossil fuels and promoting efforts to promote environmental, social and governance, or ESG, initiative.

“Anyone who says the weather shouldn’t be a factor in how you assess the future of a company, that’s not capitalism.

Because companies that have emissions will be subject to border adjustment duties or taxes. If you are dealing with severe weather events, that needs to be taken into account. The weather affects the economy, which affects investments.”

In the end, Bill Gates’ approach to the situation with Ukraine is not without controversy, since in the end he considers the conflict good as a way to promote clean energy, ignoring all the violence and deaths in the process.

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