Why did the Cat denounce Melissa?: “He called me a thief, corrupt, bad father and son of a mother”

Amor y Fuego shared on Monday a tax document that rejected the complaint filed against him Rodrigo Cuba to his ex-wife Melissa Paredess last June, for the crime of violence against women and members of the family group under the modality of psychological violence.

According to the resolution released by Rodrigo Gonz├ílez’s program, the popular Gato accused his daughter’s mother of repeatedly attacking him eight months ago through the media, both television and print, in addition to attacking him through his social networks.

denounced Rodrigo Cuba as stated in the document shared by Amor y Fuego.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that, after a psychological evaluation, Rodrigo Cuba he is oriented to activities of personal interest and it is not observed that this supposed situation of ‘anxious symptomatology’ is limiting him to carry out his daily activities. authorities narrowed it down.

In this sense, they declared ‘no place’ to formalize or continue a preparatory investigation against Melissa Paredes for the alleged commission of the crime against the body, life and health, in the form of aggression against women and the family group to the detriment of the Cat.

Rodrigo Cuba assured that Melissa Paredes was psychologically violating him, calling him a “bad father,” “thief,” “corrupt” and “violent.”

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