Why did they reopen the house of quadruple femicide Ricardo Barreda?

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity explained that the removal of the vehicles from the house on quadruple femicide Ricardo Barreda is part of the cleaning process that is being carried out in the place. The objective of the provincial authorities is to finalize the transfer of the building from 48 between 11 and 12 to the Municipality, to transform it into a memory space and a care center for victims of gender violence.

In that sense, from the portfolio led by Estela Díaz, they detailed that these tasks were to comply with the provisions of Law No. 14,413, which establishes the expropriation by the Province of the house to transfer it to the Municipality.

It is for this reason that two vehicles that were owned by the dentist were removed. This forced a large operation to be mounted to carry out maneuvers on the crane and also to contain many curious people who came to see what was happening at the address.

So it was that they took a Ford Falcon, green and with a black roof; and they also hauled an old DKW, white. The authorities assured that it was important to remove the shots since it made it difficult to enter the interior of the house where Barreda shotgunned Gladys McDonald (57), Elena Arreche (86) and their daughters Cecilia (26) and Adriana (24).

After committing the crime, the dentist threw the weapon in the Arroyo El Gato, on the way to Punta Lara, went to a hotel with his lover and returned home to report the crimes. But he ended up confessing before Deputy Commissioner Ángel Petti. And the story that continues to this day began: he assured that the women mistreated him, that they called him “conchita”, until he got fed up and killed them. In 1995 he was sentenced to life imprisonment and spent 18 years in the Gorina prison.

It should be remembered that Barreda died on May 25, 2020. He was 83 years old and died in a nursing home in José C. Paz.

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