Why do you eat bread to relieve fright? After the earthquake, they distribute bolillos in CDMX

This afternoon, just minutes after the simulacrum earthquake in Mexico City, there was a earthquake from 7.7 in Michoacan; according to him National Symological Service168 replicas of it have been added in said entity.

As part of the anniversary of the most catastrophic earthquakes in Mexico, both of which occurred on September 19thbut in the years 1985 and 2017, the country has generated a collective panic of experiencing another terrible event.


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Although today’s event has left only one deceased and some injured in various locations, in the Mexico City has already started the distribution of bolillos “pa’l susto”, according to a Twitter user.

Under the description of “Surreal Mexico”@roymungla shared a video where a person can be seen handing out pieces of the famous bread, for free, with the promise that it will alleviate the panic caused by the earthquake


Although the veracity of the video is unknown, it is not the first time that there is a distribution of bolillos in Mexico City, after an earthquake or during one. Last June 2020, a video of another subject who also distributed bobbins in CDMX.

Pointed out by the residents of the capital as a “hero”, the other inhabitants applauded the gesture because this Mexican custom is already part of the culture.

But, where did it all start? According to an article in The universalthe feeling of “susto” is a very Mexican expression, and curing it is an ancient tradition.


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“In the Traditional Medicine of Mexicoit is advisable to eat hard bread or “bolillo”, even a cold tortilla”, they say, because in the country, it is said that fear manifests in the stomachand having it empty during a moment of panic is not recommended.

“The bolillo or the tortilla help to settle the stomach, that is why it is recommended, but so do other foods”, reiterated the researcher Wulf Haubensak for the middle.


$! Why do you eat bread to relieve your fright?  After the earthquake, they distribute bolillos in CDMX

Sadly, the roll does not have any “mysterious” contributionHowever, passing food after a scare helps to reduce the secretion of gastric juices.

Eating some solid food, then, would help stabilize blood glucose, in addition, chewing would work as a distractor In any event that generates fear, however, there are various products that would help mitigate fear.

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