Why does EA Sports want to change its name to “FIFA”? The New York Times reveals it

  • The New York Times has revealed the possible reason why EA Sports wants to change the name to “FIFA”
  • Since its launch, FIFA 22 has sold more than nine million units worldwide, being a great success for the franchise.
  • A few days ago, despite the great success of its new title, it was announced that Electronic Arts wants to change the name to one of its most popular video games

A few days ago, the intention of EA Sports to change the name of its successful video game “FIFA” was announced. Today, The New York Times reveals the possible reason behind it.

Last October 1, FIFA 22 was finally released, the powerful EA Sports video game that, for many years, has dominated the stage and that, for this edition, is presenting some improvements in its content. Just a few.

The launch of FIFA 22, however, was overshadowed by the arrival, a day before, of eFootball, the new KONAMI title, which left a very bad taste in the mouth of consumers, especially the most loyal ones who were waiting with You look forward to the arrival of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) every year.

According to data from Steam, the new bet of the Japanese company is, so far, the video game but valued in its history, and with good reason.

FIFA 22, for its part, despite not offering a great novelty to users, scored another success, largely due to the disappointment caused by eFootball, but also because it is, so far, one of the best “FIFA” better ranked also on Steam.

In addition, according to data from EA Sports itself, FIFA 22 has so far sold more than nine million units worldwide, of which more than seven million teams have been created in Ultimate Team and more than 460 million have been played. of matches.

However, there is an issue that is grabbing the attention of the fans of “FIFA” and is the fact that EA Sports is contemplating the possibility of giving the game another name. Why? It seems that The New York Times has revealed it.

According to what was published in said medium, the reason behind this decision has to do with the fact that the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) has in mind to charge more for the use of its name in the EA Sports saga.

The publication in The New York Times mentions that the highest governing body of soccer wants to collect around a billion dollars from EA Sports for every four years, a figure that, in reality, is double what it was already charging.

Of course, the American company refuses to pay such a figure and, in reality, what we would be experiencing is one more fight of interests, because FIFA knows that EA Sports generates great profits every year with the video game, and if that is what We add the recent disappointment of PES fans who joined “FIFA” over the major failures of eFootball, as Electronic Arts’ revenues rose further this year.

At the moment, all this has not been confirmed by either party, but it seems that The New York Times has hit the nail on the head and both companies have until 2023 to reach an agreement, which would be generating a big problem for EA Since, if a solution is not reached, the edition of “FIFA 23” might not come out.

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