Why Hopfner does not distrust the governor

Thomas Hopfner was a guest on Tuesday "Vorarlberg LIVE".

Thomas Hopfner was a guest on “Vorarlberg LIVE” on Tuesday.

Thomas Hopfner, member of the state parliament (non-attached), was a guest on “Vorarlberg LIVE” on Tuesday and spoke about the motion of no confidence in LH Wallner and the political mood in the state parliament.

On Wednesday, Governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP) has to face the motion of no confidence from the SPÖ, FPÖ and Neos in the Vorarlberg state parliament. More than half of all MPs must agree to the motion. the

Hopfner disagrees

Even if the Greens agree, the application should not go through. In order for this to be successful, it needs more than the majority of the votes. The ÖVP provides 17 of the 36 MPs. One more is enough for rejection. The non-attached MP Thomas Hopfner (formerly SPÖ) also confirmed on Tuesday at “Vorarlberg LIVE” that he would not vote. The matter must be viewed in a more differentiated manner.

Whether there is any truth to the allegations against LH Markus Wallner is not a question of faith for Hopfner. Here he refers to the competent authorities that have to check this.

The investigations against Wallner did not change his position either. “You shouldn’t have prejudices in the country, prejudices suddenly go away. They don’t work for me.”

The state governor also came under pressure on Tuesday due to the recent replacement of his electronic devices – in close proximity to the examination of the initial suspicion by the WKStA. Here, too, Thomas Hopfner stands for statement against statement. Ultimately, however, it is about how much trust in an institution or a person suffers.

Hopfer on his status as a non-attached MEP:

The whole show:

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