Why it’s important to update OpenOffice and LibreOffice quickly

The LibreOffice and OpenOffice office suites have just been updated to correct a security flaw. This vulnerability can allow an attacker to manipulate documents to indicate that they are from a trusted source. It is certainly not critical, but could allow the execution of malicious code in the macros of a document presented as being safe.

It is important to point out that you have to update manually LibreOffice (version 7.0.5 or 7.1.1, and above) and OpenOffice (4.1.10 or higher), by downloading the latest versions, as these programs do not have an automatic update function.

Also to discover in video:

If the updates are not yet available, you can always disable the execution of unauthenticated macros. For LibreOffice, go to Tools / Options / LibreOffice / Security and click the macro security button to change the security level to High or Very high.

Source : Bleeping Computer

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