“Why so much hypocrisy?” Fans have no understanding for royal congratulations to Meghan Markle

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Of: Larissa Glunz

The congratulations from the British royal family to the birthday child Meghan Markle are short, but they still give the followers cause for criticism. (Photomontage) © Dominic Lipinski/Victoria Jones/dpa

Meghan Markle can also look forward to congratulations from the palace on her 41st birthday. However, the fact that Prince William and his family congratulate the Duchess of Sussex goes against the grain of many a fan. Even hypocrisy is accused of the royals.

London – Because the royals Megan Markle If they cannot congratulate them on their 41st birthday in person or stop by for a piece of the kitchen, they fall back on digital wishes. Prince Harry’s (37) family celebrates the jubilarian on social networks.

Meghan Markle turns 41: The royal family also congratulates

Prince Charles, 73, and Duchess Camilla, 74, shared a photo of Harry’s smiling wife on their Twitter and Instagram accounts, captioning it with the words “Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Sussex!” The recording is from Meghan’s last visit to London last June for Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee celebrations (96).

Brother-in-law William (40) and his wife Kate (40) also chose a picture taken that day, their message was similar: “We wish the Duchess of Sussex a happy birthday!” However, the regent was not that quick to open The Queen’s accounts still lacked any trace of a birthday message to Meghan Markle in the morning.

“Why so much hypocrisy?” Royal fans don’t take congratulations to Meghan seriously

The fact that the royal family congratulates the mother of two on her birthday, despite the still tense relationship with Harry and Meghan, caused some users to be angry. Not all of the Royals’ followers joined in the congratulations. With the words “Is that irony?” and “Why so much hypocrisy?”, the users expressed their doubts about the authenticity of the congratulations.

Since retiring two years ago, the Sussexes have not had an easy time with the royal family and the British. During her time at the palace, Meghan Markle is said to have struggled with her small role as royalthe lack of attention is said to have been one of the reasons for their departure. Sources used: twitter.com/ClarenceHouse, /KensingtonRoyal, /RoyalFamily

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