Why Tesla charges $ 20,000 for this new high-performance brake kit for the Model S Plaid

Tesla now offers a high performance braking kit in its configurator. Billed at $ 20,000 (just under € 18,000), it’s designed to make the Model S Plaid more comfortable on a racetrack.

While Tesla’s Model S is an imposing sedan that doesn’t predestine it for use on the racetrack, it remains one of the fastest cars in the world (it is only beaten with a breath by the Rimac Nevera). This is why the American manufacturer wants to take the experience up a notch, with the marketing ofa high performance brake kit, articulated around ceramic carbon discs. The price ? $ 20,000, or nearly € 18,000.

This niche pack, which can be ordered via the online store (‘Vehicle Accessories’ category), is exclusive to the Model S Plaid – the most powerful of the versions – littered with 21-inch rims. Those interested will be able to receive it from the second half of next year. ” Designed for the ultimate on-track experience, the Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for the Model S Plaid is a complete piece of equipment that delivers the maximum in stopping power during a dedicated performance ride. », Can we read in description.

Tesla Model S Plaid presentation // Source: Capture YouTube

Tesla sells a kit for $ 20,000 to better brake

When you want to bring down the best timers on a track, braking is just as important as acceleration (otherwise it would be too simple). This is the idea behind this daring and overpriced kit. It is based on ultra heat-resistant materials, knowing that the temperatures are very high when you push a car to its limits. This heat resistance is essential in order to be able to repeat performance over time, the idea being to accelerate hard and, in turn, to brake hard.

What does ceramic carbon actually bring? He ” offers advantages in terms of performance on dry and wet pavement, weight, comfort, corrosion resistance, durability and technical image “, Explain Brembo, a company specializing in brake parts. It supplies them to prestigious manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche and Lamborghini. Most importantly, ceramic has the advantage of being much more durable than pure carbon, while the material offers a similar key benefit (the hotter it is, the better it performs). As a bonus, you gain weight – which is always nice when you want to go faster. The only problem: it’s very expensive (hence the $ 20,000 claimed by Tesla).

It is recalled that Tesla has tested its Model S Plaid a lot on the circuit, breaking several speed records. And this is not the first time that he has sold an option to improve the performance of his cars. We remember, for example, the acceleration boost offered on the Model Y (half a second gained for $ 2,000). This high performance brake kit could also be the first in a long series. Thus, we can very well imagine Tesla launching into the sale of other more sporty parts (such as fins or diffusers).

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