Why the Deutsche Bank invests in sustainable technology

Topics of the “future visit”: Expert says why bans are not enough for climate protection. Prof. Grönemeyer digitizes naturopathy.

The ecological transformation will only fail with bans – that’s what Jörg Eigendorf is convincing. The head of sustainability at Deutsche Bank therefore prefers to finance innovations.

Because sustainable banks, according to Eigendorf’s credo, have to offer more than a green checking account – they invest money in projects that make the economy and society climate-neutral in the long term. In our current program “Zukunftsvisite”, Eigendorf explains how far the Deutsche Bank is on this path, how it wants to reduce its CO footprint even without certificates – and why a tofu steak tastes particularly good for the climate.

Also on the show: The prominent doctor Professor Dietrich Grönemeyer looks into the future of medicine between high-tech and traditional healing methods.

The guests:

  • Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer, physician
  • Jörg Eigendorf, Group Spokesman & Head of Sustainability, Deutsche Bank


  • Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner, Medical Director and Chairman of the Board of the Essen University Hospital
  • Jens de Buhr, head of the media group Zukunftsvisite

At “Zukunftsvisite – the magazine for sustainability and health” current trends and exciting future perspectives in medicine and business are discussed by changing experts and classified in an easily understandable way. The Funke Mediengruppe is a partner of the show.

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