Why the state expects an explosion of points withdrawals from the driver’s license

In the 2022 finance bill, the State estimates that it will send 13 million letters of withdrawal of license points in 2023, or 51% more than in 2019. The association of the League for the Defense of Drivers is concerned that this could lead to a sharp increase in unlicensed driving.

13 million: it is the number of letters of withdrawal of points on the driving license that the State plans to send in 2023. An impressive figure put forward by the association of the League for the Defense of Drivers, a figure found in one of the many annexes to the 2022 finance bill.

A 51% increase in shipments compared to 2019

Sending those 13 million letters would represent a 51% increase from the 8.6 million letters sent in 2019, the last “normal year” before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Travel restrictions have indeed caused a sharp drop in these shipments last year: 7.5 million all the same, with forecasts of just over 8 million for this year and 8.7 million in 2022, underlines the ‘association.

Among the reasons which explain this inflation of the shipments, the League of Defense of Drivers evokes “the incessant changes of speed on the road network, the 30 km / h which is generalized in many cities of France and the hundreds of privatized radar cars which fit incognito into traffic to trap the slightest extra kilometer-hour “. New rules, no more checks, the smallest mistake is gone.

With the observed collapse in revenue from traffic tickets, the association also makes the link between these numerous shipments and the desire to find a significant windfall for public finances.

“It borders on cynicism. With this 51% increase in mailings 48 (the reference code of these letters, editor’s note), our rulers are betting on a juicy return on investment, because whoever says letter of withdrawal of points says contravention “, protested Nathalie Troussard, secretary general of the League for the Defense of Drivers, quoted in a press release.

Without license and therefore without insurance

Another fear raised: that of seeing the number of unlicensed drivers increase sharply over the next few years, and therefore drivers driving without insurance.

“While the National Safety Observatory itself declares that 770,000 drivers drive without a license today, this unprecedented acceleration in the number of points that will be withdrawn will inevitably lead to an upsurge in this phenomenon. not desirable, if the objective is to improve road safety. Remember, a driving license is also essential to take out car insurance, “said Nathalie Troussard.

Introduced in 1992, the points license will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. In 2017, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, road safety indicated that, of the 48 million holders of a driving license, more than three quarters had 12 points and 85% were 10 points or more.

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