Why you might see more ads on Twitter

Twitter has announced a new function of placing advertisements directly into the heart of conversations on the platform. She is currently in testing.

The social network Twitter is testing a new function to add advertisements directly to replies to conversations. Bruce Falck, the company’s product revenue manager, announced this in a tweet this Wednesday, October 13.

The advertisement may appear in the first, third or eighth response to a conversation, in the form of a tweet marked “sponsored”.

An optional function?

The manager also hinted that his teams are considering whether or not users can accept these ads. Among the avenues mentioned: the payment of a commission to those who agree to include this sponsored content among the responses to their tweets.

Many people have also told Bruce Falck that they would be ready to pay a subscription to never see advertising appear on the social network, something the manager said “have taken into account”.

In accordance with Twitter habits, a portion of users has been selected to integrate this series of tests. They are currently being conducted all over the world, both on iOS and Android. If they prove to be conclusive, this option will be generalized.

This week, the social network made numerous announcements about the renewal of its monetization system. The algorithm that selects advertising content for users has thus been improved, says Reuters.

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