Wife of ‘Coyote’ Rivera confirms that they were separated after ampay: “Julio is not a bad person”

Lorena Cárdenas, still the wife of Julio ‘Coyote’ Rivera, speaks for the first time about the ampay in which Paolo Guerrero’s brother was also the protagonist. In this regard, she said that the images of her did not surprise her because they were already separated, but they lived together.

Speaking to the program ‘En boca de todos’, Lorena Cárdenas specified that her entire family was aware that they had finished at the beginning of April and that they maintain good communication for their children.

“It is part of his private life. J. We have a good relationship, more for our daughters, we have minors involved. We can solve problems at home, we work together and I love the members of his family very much,” said Lorena Cárdenas.

Coyote Rivera's wife responds to ampay
Coyote Rivera’s wife responds to ampay

At another time, Julio Rivera’s still wife pointed out that he made mistakes and that lack of love was not a reason why they decided to end their 13-year marriage.

“Peta knew it too, maybe they thought we were going to get back together. I don’t see him as an ampay, it’s something we all already knew. Julio is not a bad person, he adores his children very much. I did not see the need to send a statement.

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