Wife of notary protected with Giuliana: “Magaly TV wants to pay me $1,000 for my testimony”, reveals AyF

WHAT? Katerine, still the wife of notary Paul Pineda, came forward in the midst of the scandal involving Giuliana Rengifo with the father of her children. The woman revealed that the space of Magaly TV: La Firme offered her money to give them an interview.

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Not exactly, but I don’t think I said much, they want to pay me $1,000 and my ticketsfor a virtual and face-to-face interview”, is read in the conversations that Amor y Fuego showed.

In an audio, the woman sounds mortified and remarks that she only wants her peace of mind because she would have no intention of giving her testimony.

“They keep calling me, that I can take my ticket right now and go right now and they buy no ticket, no problem and that I be there with them at night, that they pay me whatever I wantbut they want me to give my testimony that I have seen Mrs. Rengifo’s infidelity with you No? And things like that, I’ve cut them”, he expressed.

Notary’s wife breaks her silence: “Magaly TV wants to pay me $1,000 for my testimony”

Wife of a notary linked to Giuliana Rengifo: “Magaly Medina says that she feels very identified with me”

The woman also explained that the person who contacted her told her that Magaly Medina herself felt identified with her.

“He called me, they even told me that they could put me through with Magaly herself, that Magaly Medina feels very identified with me, but let her…decide, right? I can go now”said.


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