Wigald Boning on the road together with rap star – “The most unlikely photo in the world”

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From: Lara Listl

Wigald Boning meets well-known German rappers in real life. © Twitter: Eco Fresh

Whether on television or on social media channels: comedian Wigald Boning always manages to inspire his fans. On Twitter, numerous compliments hailed from a surprising photo.

Germany – The photo has an incredible amount of positive energy, writes a Twitter user under a post that appeared there on November 23rd. Two German celebrities can be seen on it: Together with comedian Wigald Boning, Eco Fresh also shines into the camera. With the words “Met my Twitter friend in the real world,” the rapper posted the snapshot to Boning.

Screenshot from Twitter post: Wigald Boning and Eco Fresh.
Comedian Wigald Boning meets Eco Fresh privately. Fans are thrilled. © Twitter: Eco Fresh

Wigald Boning meets German rapper – “the most unlikely photo in the world”

The fans react enthusiastically: One of the Twitter users comments on the post as “the most unlikely photo in the world.” He thinks it’s great and wishes the two stars a nice evening. “I like that, somehow the photo makes me happy,” writes another. And another user writes that he thinks the picture is “extremely cute” and that he likes to look at it.

Wigald Boning and Eco Fresh together in one photo: fans are thrilled

How and where it happened that the rapper, who also received positive comments with his call for the federal election, and the comedian met in private life, is not clear from the contribution. But obviously both seem to be happy about the photo together. And the fact that they shared this on Twitter probably also sparked joy among a few others: a total of 1,338 users have already clicked the “Like” button.

Anyone who took part in the Munich Marathon in October may have spotted TV star Wigald Boning (“The Masked Singer”, “Genial beside” and other formats) live and in color. There he took part with his tie, straw hat and his son.

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