Wild entrance in La Plata: they hit him and flee with his savings and his car

Wild entrance in La Plata: they hit him and flee with his savings and his car

Insecurity hit in 62 between 143 and 144 / Sebastián Casali

Los Hornos became in the last few hours the epicenter of a ferocious entrance that, in addition to the material losses, left the owner of the farm in a deep state of shock as a result of the attacks perpetrated by the thieves.

According to official sources, in addition to the theft of belongings and damage to the property, the victim was subjected to a fierce beating. Then, the criminals fled with an amount close to 300 thousand pesos, a car and objects of emotional value. But before seizing this loot, the intruders launched a ruthless attack against the dweller of the house.

As this newspaper was able to find out, the incident took place around 9:00 p.m., when the victim was arriving at his house located at 62 between 143 and 144 after a strenuous workday.

Probably, the fatigue accumulated throughout the day reduced his reflexes and prevented him from interpreting the slow drive of a Ford Fiesta around his block as an attitude to say the least.

The concrete thing is that, after getting off his Renault Sandero model vehicle, he went to the gate of his house. Just as he was about to put the key in, the vehicle stopped moving and two individuals got out of the unit.

As in these cases, the third party, the driver, stayed in the car observing the scene and with the vehicle on in case complications arose.

They didn’t even give him time to take cover. Returning to his car to escape or entering his house were some of the possibilities he evaluated in the 3 seconds he had from when he saw them moving towards him, until they took him captive.

In that short time he also had the impulse to scream for help but was immediately neutralized with the phrase that one of the thugs launched with a gun in his hand: “If you scream I’ll burn you.”

“I did not offer resistance, I did not even move,” said the victim yesterday in a contact he had with this newspaper.

Despite the “collaborative” attitude of the victim, the thieves reinforced the climate of terror and fear with death threats and showing the weapons they were carrying.

After forcing him to open the door of his home, one of the individuals began to question the owner, while the other searched the house.

To obtain the location of the victim’s savings, the thieves deployed an entire arsenal of torture against the man whom they attacked on several occasions with the aim of “softening” him.

And they even told him that they would use “irreversible” actions if he did not collaborate.

Finally they achieved their goal and the owner of the house discovered for them the place where he kept his money. Only then could he put an end to the ferocious beating. “Luckily I had some money in my house. I gave it to them so they would stop beating me,” the man said.

Although it was a brief dialogue, since, moved by what happened, he stated that he was not willing to go through that sequence of terror and horror again, he indicated that it was a cruel cruelty against him.

After seizing almost $300,000, between pesos and US currency, one of the subjects approached the door to ask for news from the “lookout.” Upon receiving signs that everything was “normal” on the block, the subjects became emboldened and decided to up the ante.

They unplugged a desktop computer and charged it to the Fiesta that was waiting down the street. And since everything was still under his control, they began to rummage through the man’s belongings and that is how they managed to find jewelry, an old shotgun and a firearm that he had inherited from his deceased father.

When it seemed that the nightmare was coming to an end, the man must have suffered another harsh insult. One of the subjects recalled that they had seen him get out of a car and in that context he demanded that he hand over the keys. This is how they ended up seizing the vehicle that was parked at the door.

According to police sources, minutes later the thieves left the scene.

At this time, the Police continue to analyze the images of security cameras collected in the area with the aim of finding any clues that could lead to elucidating the identity of those involved in the violent episode.

“As happens to many people, the only thing left for me is to thank them for not killing me,” the victim closed.

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