Will address custodial deaths

– The perpetrators behind this murder must be held accountable, says Huitfeldt The online newspaper in New York, where the foreign minister is attending the UN General Assembly.

22-year-old Mahsa Amini died from injuries she sustained in the custody of the morality police. According to the police, she died as a result of heart problems. But eyewitnesses say she was beaten up by the police. The 22-year-old was arrested for breaching the country’s strict dress code, which among other things requires women to cover their hair.

– This arouses great resentment, and therefore we want to take it up with the Iranian authorities, says Huitfeldt. When that will happen has not been clarified. She points out that this is an important issue, and that in such cases Norway often allies itself with the EU in order to have a stronger voice.

Huitfeldt says Norway will join EU statement which states, among other things, that “Iran’s authorities must ensure that the citizens’ basic rights are respected and that those deprived of their liberty are not mistreated”.

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