Will Carlos Rivera, Jolette, Yuridia and Raúl Sandoval be at The Academy for 20 years?

The 20 Years Academy does not stop generating information, because in addition to the strong comments that have arisen among Lolita Cortés, the so-called Iron Judge, Horacio Villalobos, Arturo López Gavito and the students, the program has called the attention of the public for the figures that appear on the screen.

And it is that in this commemorative broadcast the public has been able to see Yahir, who participated in the first generation and today is the host of the TV Azteca program, in addition, Myriam Montemayor, the winner of that generation of 2002, acts as godmother of the show

Prior to the premiere of La academia 20 años, the television station broadcast a special program hosted by Nadia, another outstanding former student; and during the initial gala, the public recognized familiar faces: Erasmo Catarino, Esmeralda Ugalde, Wendolee and Erick Sandoval, among others, personalities who were part of the ranks of the emblematic singing program.

They are all the students of the new generation of La Academia 20 years

They are all the students of the new generation of La Academia 20 years

They are all the students of the new generation of La Academia 20 years

However, the public also noted the absence of characters such as Carlos Rivera, Yuridia, Raúl Sandoval, Jolette and Toñita, who also managed to leave a mark on the history of the program that sparked the fever for reality shows with vocal talent 20 years ago. .

In the cases of Carlos Rivera and Yuridia, the singers have managed to remain in the public’s taste since their time in the classrooms of the famous house/school, since they have managed to build a career in music. Meanwhile, Raúl Sandoval has also continued in force despite the years that have passed since 2002, when he became known as part of the first “class” of students.

But, they are just some of the several former students who will not be part of the new season of the show, and much has been said about the reasons why they do not appear on the air in this new installment.

There have been rumors of alleged vetoes on the television station or a direct refusal, but it was the producer of the broadcast, Laura Suárez, who revealed the reason for the absence of these singers who were once students of the academy.

And it is that some of them gave a resounding no, while there were those who tried to charge for appearing in the reality show, as announced by the journalist Alejandro Zúñiga on his YouTube channel.

The entertainment reporter was able to speak with the TV Azteca director by telephone, in which Suárez denied that the students of the current generation suffer from an outbreak of COVID-19, as was recently reported, and also revealed the real reasons why some celebrities are not being part of the generational meeting of the academy 20 years.

“I talked well with Laura… You see that there has been a lot of ruckus why many of those who were part of The Academy were not in the previous program and many people thought that they had not been taken into account, that they had been censored, but I already spoke with the producer and she told me that to all those who everyone claims have not appeared, it is because they did not want to, ”Zúñiga said on his program.

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According to the conversation that the journalist had, it was revealed that both Carlos Rivera and Yuridia refused to be part of the special programs: “Carlos Rivera did not want to, they told him ‘we are going to interview you, it is a small interview,’ and he said ‘ I do not want’; Yuridia is in the forum across the street recording The Voice, because the lady did not have five minutes to go and sit down to be interviewed, she did not want to, because she did not have five minutes of her schedule to go and record, ”she said.

In addition, the most surprising response would have been that of Raúl Sandoval, who was willing to appear on the screen of TV Azteca in exchange for financial compensation: “Raúl Sandoval who spoke to him and said that he wanted to get paid, but no one got paid for that program , it was a bit of giving back to the project what it had given you, well, neither…”, expressed Zúñiga, who finally recounted how the situation with Jolette was:

“They went to look for Jolette, she said, ‘talk to me in 24 hours, talk to me in 48 hours,’ and then she said ‘no, I don’t want to,’ she wasted their time,” the journalist said.

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