Will Cindy get her kids back?

On Tiktok, where the 22-year-old presents herself as Happy_Cindy and also likes to show herself with her fiancé, negative comments keep pouring in. She vehemently defends herself against them: “It’s none of your business how my children are doing. [Es geht] I’m mainly interested in how they’re doing”. And further: “Guys, do you think that I don’t spend time with my children?”

In another post, she explains that she hopes the girls will be returned to her care soon. “I’ve done everything for my kids and it won’t be long now – my kids are coming back.” A court date is said to have been positive.

Cindy has to listen to allegations not only because of her children. “No matter what I do, no matter what I do […], it’s all wrong for you. It’s slowly enough.” She even threatened the haters with legal action: “I have a lawyer. I go over the court. And then you’ll pay.” It’s unlikely that she’ll actually do that. Until then, her method of choice is: block all haters and delete negative comments.

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