Will Colo Colo 2023 take shape? This Thursday a new Football Commission will be held

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Starting at 10:00 a.m. this Thursday, a new Black and White Football Commission will be held, where the renovations and the arrival of new additions will begin to be settled with a view to the demanding 2023 season.

This Thursday a new Football Commission is held.
© William Salazar.This Thursday a new Football Commission is held.

The transfer market does not stop and in Colo Colo they still cannot meet the demands of Gustavo Quinteros, who has tired of repeating that he wants a competitive squad to fight on all fronts in 2023, especially in the Copa Libertadores.

Key Thursday for Colo Colo

Precisely, this Thursday will be a key day for the Cacique, since from 10:00 a.m., there will be a new Black and White Football Commissionwhere they will begin to settle the renovations and the arrival of New additions.

In this sense, one of the main tasks of the sports management of ByN is to fasten the continuity of a series of footballers who finish their contract at the end of December this year.

The DT already received bad news after the departure of Matías Zaldivia was confirmed, so he hopes that situations like this will not be repeated with other players who are key in his scaffolding such as Gabriel Costa, Cesar Fuentes Y Oscar Opazo.

The case of the Peruvian national team is the most special, since wants to continue and has already had two offers on the tablebut is without responding to the proposal of the leadership and manages various offers of foreign soccer.

Are reinforcements defined?

On the other hand, the board of directors of the concessionaire will meet with the obligation to begin guide the arrival of new facessince the mission of the DT is to have the entire team at the beginning of the preseason in Argentina which starts the first week of January.

One of the names that has taken the most force to arrive at the Monumental Stadium is that of Carlos Palacios, with whom there has been no progress despite the fact that he has expressed on several occasions his desire to wear the shirt of the team of his loves.

Another one that is very interesting is Leandro Benegas, who would be living his last days in Independiente de Avellaneda and in Colo Colo they are attentive to his situation, since they want a 9 and it is to the total liking of the Santa Fe strategist.

The concrete thing is that it will be a busy day and with a lot of work in Colo Colo, since they must accelerate efforts to assemble the campus by 2023. To date, only the arrival of Ferdinand of Paul and the games of Carlos Villanueva, Matias Zaldivia Y Omar Carabali.

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