Will it be true? Cobreloa striker assures that he is followed by Colo Colo

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David Escalante surprised everyone and assured that he is closely followed by the Cacique in this transfer market.

David Escalante assures that he is followed by Colo Colo.
© UNO Agency.David Escalante assures that he is followed by Colo Colo.

Colo Colo works incessantly in the search for reinforcements and thus comply with the demands of Gustavo Quinteros, who has reiterated on a number of occasions that wants a competitive squad to play a good role on the three fronts that they will play in 2023.

One of the positions where the strategist wants a new incorporation at all costs is in the center of attack and bring a good alternative for Juan Martín Lucero, who this season suffered with the short squad and little turnover.

Figure of Cobreloa assures that it is in the folder

In that sense, David Escalantescorer of Cobreloa, surprised everyone since in conversation with En La Línea Deportes, he assured that is being followed by the Cacique with a view to the upcoming campaign.

In the first instance, the artilleryman maintained that “we are in folder. What happens is that we are waiting for nationalization, but I don’t want to leave Cobreloa. If it’s because of me, I’d be there for several more years because I feel happy on the pitch and in training.”

Finally, the 31-year-old attacker was asked about an alleged interest from the University of Chile and stated that “the U have not called me, but from the sidewalk in front (Colo Colo) can be. There was a poll once but there is nothing from the U, only what comes out of the press.”

Their numbers in 2022

The Argentine striker has been one of the great figures of Cobreloa this season, in which he has played a total of 36 matches with a record of 13 annotations.

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