Will Jack Ryan close with season four, is a spinoff coming?

New updates on the Amazon series with John Krasinski as the CIA agent based on the novels of Tom Clancy. According to the American portal Deadline Jack Ryan will officially close with the fourth seasonannounced last October, but the show’s narrative universe could continue with a spinoff.

Jack Ryan will close with the fourth season

Jack Ryan 4

The new show should be centered around Domingo “Ding” Chavez, played by Michael Peña, which will debut in Jack Ryan’s third season before becoming a recurring character in the fourth. Amazon hasn’t released any official statement on the matter yet, but second Deadline the spinoff’s processing would already be in an advanced state.

Apparently John Krasinski had signed from the beginning a contract that tied him only to four seasons of the show, of which in any case he also holds the role of executive producer. Instead, many think that the star of The Office has decided to devote himself to other projects and it is not excluded that he may direct the Marvel Studios reboot on the Fantastic 4, replacing Jon Watts.

Jack Ryan debuted on Amazon Prime Video in 2018, having a good success with critics and audiences. The second season (here our review) then arrived in 2019, while there are still no release dates for the third and fourth.

Jack Ryan is a CIA agent dealing with an illegal arms trade that will take him on a mission to all of South America from the Venezuelan jungle. Politics and crime are intertwined in this TV series where conspiracies play a central role in the narrative. Jack Ryan will be sidetracked several times but, retracing his steps, he will be able to pull the strings of the plot and unmask the criminals who generated it.

Jack Ryan’s character was played in live action by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine. Krasinski was therefore able to take the reins, giving a personal interpretation of him.

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