Will Karely Ruiz be in ‘Falling in love?

Mexico City.- A star in social networks could soon be seen working hand in hand with one of the largest television stations in Mexico, as the news recently emerged that Karely Ruiz would join Tv Azteca for a reality show.

The information was presented by the content creator Pablo Chagra, who pointed out that there are great possibilities of seeing the young woman on a television program in 2023. The news came after the tiktoker commented that Karely Ruiz recently visited the offices of Tv Azteca.

“Now let’s go to Ajusco because Karely Ruiz was seen on TV Azteca (…) and then they said ‘it’s that Falling in love is coming back’, is it that Karely Ruiz is going to host this reality show or will she go to the next season of Master Chef Celebrity? We will surely see Karely in a reality show and I love it”, commented Pablo Chaga.

The tiktoker also commented that other options in which the young woman could participate are “Survivor México” and “Exatlón México”; however, these are the least likely options for Karely.

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