Will make it cheaper to travel by public transport

On average, the single ticket will be 20 per cent cheaper, writes NRK. This is done through a new ticket product via the public transport company Ruter.

– This means that the single ticket becomes cheaper the more often you travel. The purpose is to make it cheaper to travel by public transport and combine it with cycling and walking and, for example, a home office, i.e. a new travel pattern, says Environment and Transport Councilor Sirin Stav (MDG) to the national broadcaster.

The aim is to get more people to travel by public transport. The city council points out that public transport travelers have called for more flexible tickets in the wake of the pandemic, with many refusing to invest in monthly passes with several days a week at home offices.

With the new system, monthly passes will still be cheaper if you choose public transport more often than 21 times a month.

Passenger numbers at Ruter have risen steadily since the pandemic, but last week the number of passengers was still only 94 per cent of normal.

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