Will Spotify turn into TikTok?

Spotify everyone knows is this market leading Scandinavian audio streaming app. TikTok is this application which some “boomers”Have a hard time understanding the interest / operation, and which is a hit with the youngest, with its short videos with a strong viral tendency. So obviously, on the Spotify side, we are thinking of adding a little (too much) TikTok in its application.

Who put TikTok in my Spotify?

Indeed, on certain musical pieces, Spotify already allows artists to create videos (“Canvas”) which will accompany the playback of the titles concerned. A feature that allows the user to watch a short video in the background, instead of the cover of the album from which the track being played is taken. A feature that is met with mixed reviews, as some have indicated that they prefer to see only the static album art when listening to music and find the video and its looping images more annoying than anything else. .

Still, Spotify seems to decide to pour more and more into this mixture of audio and video. Indeed, some users of the iOS version of Spotify have access to a small revolution, namely a fourth icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Alongside Home, Search and Library, we can therefore find the “Discover“. The latter provides access to a new section, very (very) inspired by TikTok, with short music videos at “discover”Therefore, all in“ Portrait ”format.

At the moment, Spotify has not wished to communicate concerning this new feature, except by explaining that it wants to “explore the idea of ​​a music video feed“. It remains to be seen whether this is a simple test with a small panel of users, or if the Discover tab will roll out on a large scale in the coming days.


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