Will Ubisoft be acquired? CEO Guillemot between independence and proposals to be evaluated

Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemottook the opportunity offered by the company’s latest financial report to discuss recent journalistic speculations on the possible sale of Ubisoft and on the takeover offers evaluated by the shareholders.

The leading exponent of the transalpine videogame giant begins in his speech by stating how “There has been a lot of talk about the acquisition and consolidation activities taking place in the sector and the possible intervention that could affect Ubisoft. Our general position is clear and well known to all. As we pointed out last February, we have everything we need to remain independent. We have the talent, the right industrial scale, the financial strength and a large portfolio of large IPs that will allow us to create tremendous value in the coming years. “.

Still regarding the rumors about Ubisoft’s future, the rumors about the climb to Ubisoft attempted by the Giullemot family and its commitment to guarantee its independence, the CEO of the company specifies that “The large financial, industrial and creative resources we have have allowed us to build strategic partnerships with the biggest players in entertainment and technology. The current speculation about our future only makes the value of our resources even more visible. and our creative potential “.

The Ubisoft CEO then focuses on the equity board’s assessments of possible acquisition proposals from investment funds or other industry giants: “As mentioned above, we are a publicly traded company and as such it is good practice that our board of directors review any offers submitted to youin the interest of all shareholders and our great teams “.

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