Will you buy Steam Deck first of all the sconti?  A user has obtained a refund on the price

Will you buy Steam Deck first of all the sconti? A user has obtained a refund on the price

Gli ultimi due giorni hanno rappresentato an important moment for Valve, with the compimento of the cousin anno di vita di Steam Deck , for which it was made a campaign sconti sulla neonata console ibrida. Tuttavia, non tutti haveno potuto usufruire dell’offerta in question, magari because of a purchase a few days in advance.

This is the case of the utente P1D3H, as he gave this statement with a post on his Reddit. Tuttavia, the owner of the new console has reported some interesting information regarding the possibility of obtaining a price match:”Per tutti coloro che hanno aquistato uno Steam Deck poco prima che venisse messo in sconto. Ho chiesto a Steam se potessi ricevere un price match e ho ricevuto una riposta”. If you see the Thread relative to the possibility of receiving a Reimbursement of the difference in the value of the purchase of the console with and without discount or a good value in question.

I bought my Steam Deck last week and obviously this week is in balance. So I decided to ask Steam if there was a price match. Non mi respectavo nulla en cambio”, esordisce l’utente. “This is the answer: ‘Steam does not offer sconti per gli acquisti effettuati al di fuori del periodo di vendita. Tuttavia, come eccezione, We may offer you a credit on your Steam portfolio for the price difference. We will not apply this credit to any other method of payment.”.

In another parole, second quantum reported from P1D3H sarebbe possible ricevere un credito sul own account Steam pari alla difference between the value in balance and the value effective of the console. In the meantime, always on the front Steam Deck, Valve will be happy to make Steam Deck Oled, but how complicated is this new console?

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