Williams Alarcón reaches an agreement and renews contract with Colo Colo

Exactly one month ago, the steering wheel Williams Alarcón had terminated his contract with Colo Colo and the player was looking for options to continue his career after not being considered by coach Gustavo Quinteros as an alternative in the first team.

Despite that, the leadership of Blanco y Negro did not want to consider the player trained at home for lost and they continued to negotiate with their representative a new link and that, finally, was finalized this Tuesday, August 31.

This because Alarcón will renew contract with Colo Colo for four years Although he will not be part of the team for the remainder of the championship, since will be sent on loan to Unión La Calera runs with an advantage to sign at the wheel.

The clear thing is that the midfielder could be retained by the leadership by renewing his bond and the details are being refined for his departure on loan to the Cementers, who will also have the option to purchase a percentage of the player for a future sale abroad.

The Wlliy renews the contract, but will not continue in the Cacique. (Photo: Agency One)

Now the officialization of the loan out of Alarcón is expected where both clubs refine the final details to seal the agreement.

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