Windows 11: 2022 Update is here, what’s new for your PCs?

Available from its announcement on Tuesday, Windows 11 reinforces and facilitates hybrid work with new functions to better organize its productivity.

Everything to facilitate work in business and at home with the concern for continuity and fluidity. This is the watchword of the new Windows 11 update which awaits all compatible devices and PCs this Tuesday. Microsoft has announced the deployment of new functions to strengthen its operating system and offer new uses to its users.

Microsoft welcomes the rapid adoption of Windows 11, with more than 1.4 billion devices now running Windows 10 or Windows 11. Recognizing that the pandemic, lockdowns and labor have benefited the industry with PC sales rising sharply, but also new uses and expectations on the part of consumers, the Redmond company therefore frequently reinforces its operating system launched last year with new tools and new functions.

And for that, major updates arrive as is now customary for Microsoft, at the end of the year. With the major criteria for the announced improvements, security, customization and fluidity.

Small update for the interface

The interface continues its visual improvements. The control panel in particular, now Parameters, benefits from new icons and options for use on a touch screen.

The Start menu will become more ergonomic and better organized. It will now be possible to create folders to group applications. Windows 11 will let you choose the space dedicated to the number of pinned applications.

New Start menu settings
New Start menu settings © Microsoft

Windows Explorer will welcome a big new feature: tabs to be able to navigate more easily in the window like a web browser. A “Favorites” space also allows you to put documents in order to find them more easily. OneDrive is also better integrated to facilitate file sharing with Microsoft’s service, just like SharePoint. A new icon then lets you know if the Explorer files are on the computer or in the cloud.

The new tabs of Windows 11 Explorer
The new tabs of Windows Explorer 11 © Microsoft

The taskbar again allows you to move a file from one application to another by dragging and dropping.

It will also be possible to change the Windows wallpaper and opt for the display of the image of the day offered by the Bing search engine.

Productivity even more personalized and enriched

The Windows Snap function, which allows you to window your applications, also becomes easier to use for multitasking. It takes place at the top of the screen to allow you to customize its display. This will make it easier to keep an eye on your work, to display several tabs of the Edge browser, whether side by side or with three or even four windows in combination.

Windows 11 is also able to offer structures depending on the size of the screen or the fact that it is tactile. Hybrid PC or Surface Pro users, for example, will benefit from new touch shortcuts.

Windows Snap allows you to organize your work windows under Windows 11
Windows Snap allows you to organize your work windows under Windows 11 © Microsoft

To enhance user concentration, like Apple, Microsoft improves Do Not Disturb mode. It becomes configurable in a more precise way, with the possibility of taking into account defined concentration periods to avoid untimely notifications. You will have the choice and even start a timer to remind you to take breaks, even in your concentration time.

For video editing enthusiasts, the Clipchamp application offers a fresh start. It is now included in Windows 11.

For Windows Camera and Microphone users, there’s good news with improved background noise suppression when you’re in conversation and automatic AI-powered audio correction. Additionally, adding background blur is now built into Windows 11 and available for many compatible software.

Android applications on Windows 11 arrive in France

Strong innovation of Windows 11 and launched last year in several countries, the possibility of installing Android applications on your device running under the new operating system is finally available in France. This is made possible thanks to the partnership with Amazon App Store and the applications can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store (about 20,000 applications and games). But that doesn’t make Android compatible with Windows 11. Users of touch pad or hybrid product under Windows 11 will however be able to appreciate.

And it is now possible to open an Android application alongside a web page from a browser or other software.

Security: no more software installed without verification

With 921 password attacks recorded every second in 2021, Microsoft has made a point of strengthening the security of its system, put to the test in particular by teleworking and IT continuity concerns for companies.

The Smart App Control software installation verification tool
The Smart App Control software installation verification tool © Microsoft

Windows 11 will notably allow to better verify the identities of employees who log in to corporate applications with multiple checks, but also a new tool to prevent device infections by malware. Smart App Control will block applications that have not been verified and may contain malware. An artificial intelligence will carry out the verification to strengthen PC security and Smart App Control will work together with Windows Defender Application Control already present in the operating system.

The PC game is also full of new features

The Game Bar looks different whether you’re using it with a keyboard or a controller. Note that games in windowed mode will benefit from auto HDR, variable image refresh rate (VRR) or even improved latency to be reduced.

The new video game interface under Windows 11
The new video game interface under Windows 11 © Microsoft

Accessibility: Live captions are coming

In the spring, Microsoft announced the arrival of new functions for people with disabilities. They are integrated with the Windows 11 update with in particular the introduction of live subtitles. Microsoft’s AI will be able to translate any audio source arriving on the computer and immediately transcribe the dialogues for the hearing impaired. Initially, this will only be possible in English. This type of function already existed with Microsoft Teams which allows live transcription and translation, but with a short latency.

Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Live Captions
Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Live Captions © Microsoft

To this, the computer giant adds Voice Access, a function that allows you to control your PC and create text by voice. Narrator voices will also become more natural to accompany users using voice-assisted reading or web browsing.

How to install Windows 11 2022 update?

The latest Windows 11 update is rolling out. It should appear in Windows Update when it is available for your computer:

  • Press the Windows window-shaped Start button
  • Click on the cogwheel on the left to access the settings
  • Go to Update & Security, then to Windows Update
  • If the update does not appear immediately, you can click Check for Updates
  • You just have to download it and install it if it is available.
  • It is possible that Windows fails to install if an incompatibility with another application or a problem is encountered.
The Microsoft Windows Update interface of Windows 11
The Microsoft Windows Update interface of Windows 11 © Microsoft

The system may then attempt to back up your computer until the problem is resolved.

To find out if your computer or Windows device is compatible, you can go to this page and take the test.

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