Windows 11: Internet Explorer is still breathing, here’s how to open it

Internet Explorer shut down on June 15. At least in theory since a user managed to open the browser on Windows 11 by following a circuitous route. Here’s the trick, for the most nostalgic.

Image 1: Windows 11: Internet Explorer is still breathing, here's how to open it
Internet Explorer logo – Credit: Microsoft

Internet Explorer breathed its last on June 15, 2022. The Redmond giant is thus urging its flock to flood the Microsoft Edge browser, its illustrious successor. When users attempt to open Internet Explorer, they are automatically redirected to Microsoft Edge. Note that the browser embeds an IE mode. This makes it possible to smooth the transition for organizations by combining “Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Chromium Engine and Trident MSHTML Engine for Legacy Sites”says the company.

No, Internet Explorer is not completely dead!

Criticized for its mediocre performance compared to the competition, Internet Explorer in its known version is now unusable, theoretically… User @XenoPanther has however found a method to revive the fallen browser under Windows 11. The possibility of such a resurgence probably escaped the vigilance of Microsoft. While the media hasten to relay the method to fire up Internet Explorer, there is no doubt that the company will strive to correct this oversight. Waiting :

  • Type Internet Options in the menu search bar To start up.
  • Open the Control Panel applet that appears in the results.
  • Find the tab Programs then click Manage Add-ons.
  • Finally click on Learn more about toolbars and extensions in the lower left corner of the window.
  • For some strange reason, this will throw Internet Explorer bypassing the controls that forcibly direct you to Edge.

Those nostalgic for Internet Explorer (if they exist) and the most curious will probably hasten to test this method. But they will obviously face an unsupported undead, which will mean incompatible sites and security holes. The experience should therefore be short-lived. If you’re struggling to find your shoe, here’s our guide to the best internet browsers available in 2022.

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