Windows 11: non-compatible PCs always receive updates

Officially, the installation of Windows 11 can only be performed on machines whose configuration is supported by Microsoft. The OS is only supposed to be installed on machines with a recent processor, integrating a TPM 2.0 module and managing Secure Boot.

Unofficially, the new operating system from the Redmond firm can be installed on machines that do not scrupulously respect these specifications. Microsoft has even published on its support pages, instructions to get around this limitation, provided that the machine is at least equipped with a TPM 1.2 module.

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However, Microsoft has been very clear about this: People who go into installing Windows 11 on an incompatible machine do so at their own risk. In addition, the Redmond firm indicated that unsupported machines running Windows 11 would not be eligible for future OS updates and that it would therefore not be responsible for any damage that may be caused by case of problem.

However, contrary to what the Redmond firm indicated, some officially incompatible machines have just received Patch Tuesday, the first security update for Windows 11. On our test machine, an HP Specter x360 hybrid PC which does not does not meet Microsoft’s criteria and on which we were able to install Windows 11, the first cumulative update of the OS was offered in Windows Update.

While this is rather good news for users, there is no indication that Microsoft will not block updates on machines that do not meet its criteria in the future.

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