Windows Subsystem for Linux: Microsoft changes update releases

Microsoft would like more feedback on the further development of the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Therefore, from now on, all preview versions will be distributed to all Insiders as part of the Insider program, regardless of which channel they have registered for.

Like the online magazine Windows Central reported, the manager of the Linux on Windows team at Microsoft, Ben Hillis, has confirmed the change.

WSL 0.65.1 launches for all Windows Insider channels

With the update to WSL 0.65.1 that has now been released, all Windows Insiders will get the update, regardless of which release channel they are in. The team wants to get as much feedback as possible. Ben Hillis tweeted: “We’re trying something new for WSL 0.65.1! The build will be available first to Windows Insiders (all rings) and then rolled out to everyone once we get positive release quality signals.”

In this way, the team tries to enable faster approval and to react more quickly to problems that arise.

The WSL team members had done something similar in the past, but now this release is also being launched for the store packages in one go for all insiders. With the Windows Subsystem for Linux, GNU/Linux environments can be run directly in Windows without using virtual machines or dual-boot configurations. WSL is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The update increases the Linux kernel to version ​​and Microsoft.WSLg to version


  • Improvements to the localhost relay to provide better performance and accurately report bind errors.
  • Using /dev/ptp0 to keep the guest chock in sync with the host
  • Improved error message when unable to get distro list and linking to wsl.exe –list –online
  • Updated the Linux kernel to
  • Fixes 9p filesystem regressions since last WSL2 kernel v5.10
  • Enabling Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support
  • Enabling retbleed mitigations in x86_64 builds
  • Enabling nftables and traffic control
  • Enabling the VGEM driver
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg to version 1.0.41
  • WSLg: Add default x11 chime
  • WSLg: Updated /etc/wsl.conf to set the default user to wslg
  • WSLGd: Add option to start weston under gdbserver
  • WSLGd: Simplification of the weston command line structure
  • compositor: add wslgd-notify
  • Setter: Stop intercepting SIGINT
  • compositor: load xwayland module last
  • rdp: Border resizing for MoveWindow/SnapArrange PDU
  • rdpaudio: use pthread_cancel instead of pthread_kill
  • xwayland: Give Xwayland its own session
  • xwayland: Stop tracking focus for override redirect windows
  • The MSIX bundle for WSL v0.65.1 can be downloaded from the same GitHub page.

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Microsoft, Linux, WSL, Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSL2, Microsoft <3 Linux

Microsoft, Linux, WSL, Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSL2, Microsoft <3 Linux

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