Wines with essence, tradition and history of a family written in the grape

The best cabernet in the world in 2020, DON LEO GRAN RESERVE 2013traces its history back to 1938, when Don Leo Mendel, originally from Germany, arrived in Mexico and began working in the agricultural sector, where his love and passion for the countryside was born, transmitting these values ​​to his family.

Later his son, Arturo Mendel, had the vision of transforming a prestigious regional wine and creating –in memory of his father– Viñedos Don Leo, which began operations in the year 2000 with its first hectare harvested from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot grape varietals and Chardonnay, which would gradually grow due to the excellent quality of its grapes.

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Currently, Viñedos Don Leo produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Merlot, Malbec, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Semillón, Gewurztraminer, among others.

Top quality, award winning wines

In addition to the wide recognition of the brand for its quality and the recognition of the 2020 International Wine Concours (CIDC), the vineyard is characterized by combining the latest in German technology, with the best of traditional crafts, which helps to guarantee the style unique Don Leo wines.

The care given to the plants, the French and American oak barrels, as well as the unique touch of the best blends of its winemaker, recognized as the most awarded winemaker in Mexico, are some of the factors that positioned the Don Leo Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013as the Best Cabernet Sauvignon in the World in 2020.

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In the words of the best sommelier in the world, Laurent Derhé, during the award ceremony of the Concours International des Cabernets, specified that the award-winning wine has “a deep garnet, marked by certain slightly curved tones that denote a certain evolution. At first contact with the nose; aromas of rosemary, mint, dried flowers and scrub are unleashed. Likewise, notes of nuts and macerated fruits are noted. The aroma is very complex and surpasses the fruity aromas that we know from Cabernet. It also demonstrates an evolution where everything is intensely present. On the palate it is dense, it is also intense, marked by a very beautiful body and firmly structured by noble tannins. The retention is abundant and an aftertaste reminds us of those aromas of scrub and provincial herbs. An elegant, intense and complex wine”.

On the other hand, honoring his Jewish origins, Don Leo has a label Kosher Cabernet Sauvignonwhich makes it the only Mexican wine with this certification.

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A tour of Viñedos Don Leo

Starting in 2015, and with the aim of offering a close experience with nature, beyond wine tasting, the vineyard opened its doors to the public through Guided visits so that they can enjoy visiting a vineyard that is alive, leafy and ready to produce its best harvests.

Located in the Tunal Valleyat 2,100 meters above sea level, surrounded by majestic mountains, has been named one of the “11 Most Extreme Vineyards in the World” by VinePair, which privileges more hours of cold during the ripening season of the grapes, which in turn, it provides greater aromatic concentration and definition of varietal tastes.

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Visiting the vineyard you can learn and enjoy the great history and tradition that Don Leo keeps; where you can observe his past, live his present and wait for his future. It is a place to connect with nature and enjoy the wonders that it gives us; as its highest legacy: the grapes that are transformed into the incredible wines that we enjoy so much.

The best season to visit and get to know it is during spring, since the vineyard is at its best. But in any season of the year, even if the vineyard remains asleep, its beautiful cycle can be appreciated from different perspectives.

Every first weekend, in the month of September, a very special event is held, the Don Leo Harvest. Where you can enjoy the tasting of the labels, as well as the different entertainment and shows, among which the matachines, the treading of the grape, tasting workshops, an equestrian show, live music throughout the day, among other activities. .

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