Winner of ‘Yo soy kids’ 2020 hosts Creole program on digital radio

Peruvian who respects himself. Last year he won in the contest program ‘I am kids 2020 ′ thanks to his masterful imitation of Manuel Donayre. Now, Dayron Aranguren Villena (13) Not only does he dedicate himself to music and his studies, he is also an announcer on a digital radio and continues in his attempt to become a complete artist.

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Dayron, when did you start liking music?

From a very young age, it started as a hobby and now it is one of my passions. At 10 years old, my parents enrolled me in a singing workshop, I hummed all day (laughs). Once my dad recorded me singing and uploaded the video to social networks, the good comments helped me decide on the music.

Why Creole music?

My workshop was on Creole music, there I met this genre and great Peruvian interpreters, such as Manuel Donayre. I was delighted with his way of playing and his vocal technique.

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Is that why you imitated him in ‘I am kids 2020 ′?

Yes, I felt that my vocal range was very similar to his. I entered the competition to try, I never imagined getting to live concerts, much less winning. It was not an easy road, but the good thing is that I had my family supporting me at all times.

You have a nice memory of your participation …

Sure (he says it with great enthusiasm and a warm smile). It was a dream to be on TV, for thousands of people to see your talent and support you.

At age 10, his parents enrolled him in a singing workshop. Photos: Trome.

Now you are an announcer, how did you get on the radio?

After winning the contest, I began to give some interviews, there I met the digital radio La Nueva Imagen. They gave me the opportunity to make my first record production and then it occurred to them that I would host a program with a partner.

What did you think of that proposal?

I was scared at first because I am shy. In the end, I accepted and since then I have not stopped. My partner withdrew and I continued with the program. Along the way I have been learning more about Creole music and voice over. In addition, I have strengthened my self-confidence.

Last year he won in the contest program 'Yo soy kids' 2020. Photos: Trome.
Last year he won in the contest program ‘Yo soy kids’ 2020. Photos: Trome.

What is your program called?

‘Criollitos in the afternoon’, is broadcast every Sunday from 2 to 3 in the afternoon.

I know you have other hobbies …

I like soccer, boxing and mechatronic engineering.

You are also at school, how do you organize yourself?

Thanks to my parents, they teach me every day to lead an orderly and disciplined life.

Soon you will record a cover …

I’m working on it, this time I’ll do a ballad. It is the song ‘Now who’ with which I auditioned in ‘La voz kids 2021 ′. In a few days it will be ready and you will be able to listen to it on my social networks.


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