Winter holidays: Tips to take care of your vehicle on trips of more than 8 hours

The winter holidays It can also be the special occasion to go on a family outing. Given this, many people choose places near Lima to travel in the comfort of their vehicle. However, before doing so it is always necessary to give it a good maintenance to the car to avoid unforeseen events in the middle of the road.

Humberto Almeyda, Director of After Sales and Dealership Development of Nissan Peru, share some destinations so you can enjoy with your family, as well as the specific parts of the vehicle that should be serviced according to the chosen destination.


Approximately 10 hours from Lima is the province of Oxapampa, which is one of the three cities that make up the department of Pasco. This city has great tourist attractions to visit with the family.

The central square, the Tigre Waterfall, the Museum of the Settlers, the Santa Rosa de Oxapampa Church and especially the town of Pozuzo, where you can find: Chapel of San José, Egg Vogt Museum, Catarara Paccha Drei Sturze, among other places. that you should know about this German Austrian colony of Peru.

If you choose this destination don’t forget to check the tires due to the extensive trip. Check that they are in good condition, aligned, and change or balance them if necessary. In addition, it is important that they are used with the recommended pressure, taking into account the number of occupants and luggage.

The mercy

Only eight hours by land transport from the capital is the city of La Merced. For those looking to delve into the flora and fauna of the jungle, this is the right destination.

In the capital of Chanchamayo (Junín) you can find the Las Tres Reinas Waterfall, El Tirol Waterfall, the route of the coffee plantations: El Naranjal and La Mosela, the La Olada Cavern and the Pampa Hermosa Nature Reserve, where El Abuelo is located. , the largest cedar in South America. All this, accompanied by the fresh air of the area, will help you to detach yourself from the atmosphere of Lima.

If these tourist attractions captivated you, do not forget that the area is rainy, so it is vital to carry out an inspection of the front and rear blades, to check both its status and operation. These are an essential element since they help to eliminate residues that hinder the vision of the road. In addition, its maintenance or replacement does not suppose a great cost.


The journey to the capital of Ancash lasts approximately 8 hours and on this road you will be able to observe a large number of landscapes that will help make the trip more enjoyable. Of course, take care of soroche and avoid eating food during the trip.

408 km north of Lima is this city known for its glaciers, lakes and snowy peaks, among which the Parón, 69 and Llanganuco lagoons and the Pastoruri glacier stand out. In addition, through this trip through the Cordillera Blanca to the Huascarán National Park, you will be able to reach the Chavín National Museum where different archaeological pieces can be seen.

One of the characteristics of this region is the cold climate, so vehicles are exposed to low temperatures. In this sense, if the engine is stopped for more than 8 hours, keep it running before starting it up. In this way, it is ensured that the lubricating oil inside the engine and that of the gearbox reaches temperature.

“Another of the fundamental issues, which is not always given due attention, is the inspection of front and rear lights, turns and indicators. It must be ensured that they work correctly, but also that they are clean to be able to light the way”, Almeida comments.


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