Winter transfer: Inter plans Thuram meeting in Qatar

At the latest next summer, Marcus Thuram and Borussia Mönchengladbach will go their separate ways after the contract expires. In winter, the foals could ring the cash register again and make money from the world championship driver six months before the end of the contract.

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Officially, the Frenchman can negotiate a contract for the coming season with another club from January 1st without the explicit consent of his current employer. As the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ reports, Inter Milan wants to anticipate this and set the course for the planned winter transfer during the World Cup in Qatar.

Meeting in Doha

As a result, the Milanese are planning negotiations with the 25-year-old’s entourage during the tournament in the capital Doha. The Italians should fear competition from FC Bayern in particular.

In order to avoid salary competition in the coming second half of the season, the fashion city is willing to invest in a fee. However, it is completely open whether the Frenchman and his current employer will play along. The pain threshold of the foals is reported to be ten million euros.

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