With a kiss and everything, Flor de la V and Gerardo Romano starred in a strange moment in "Intruders"

Gerardo Romano starred in a shocking moment on Argentine television, mainly because he was in an interview without leaving the space, something that has happened repeatedly and some of the most relevant were with Pampita and in “Moment D”. For the strange moment that he lived with V flowersome of the spectators would have wanted him to make his typical getaway.

However, this was not going to happen because Gerardo Romano went to the driver’s studio to talk about a terrible drama that he is currently going through with Paula Di Chello, who accused him of harassing her when they recorded “Se dice amor”. As it was expected, V flower and his companions asked him about this issue.

The strange moment was a trend in all the portals of the Argentine show business.

The surprise came when Gerardo Romano explained how it was impossible for a kiss scene to cause bleeding wounds and, to make his example more graphic, he decided to use V flower of model with a lip bite. A historic moment on television that, precisely, occurred in the middle of a harassment complaint.

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