With app and artificial intelligence: Minister of Finance would like a digital tax return

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner wants to make tax returns significantly easier. “My vision is: at some point the largely digitized tax return,” said the FDP chairman in a new episode of his podcast “CL +”, which was published on Thursday. All data that the state has should then be automatically inserted.

Taxpayers should be able to scan their receipts with an app. “They will be automatically inserted at the end of the year when you make the declaration and maybe even read them with artificial intelligence,” said Lindner after a transcript submitted in advance. So the app can already insert everything in the right places.

The FDP leader also reiterated his demand for automatic inflation compensation in income tax. There was such a tough discussion about cold progression in the summer “that I am now very determined that it should be automated”.

In the coming year, the federal government will compensate for the consequences of high inflation on income tax by raising the basic allowance and other benchmark values ​​in the tax scale. As a result, citizens with less purchasing power due to inflation then also have to pay less taxes. (dpa)

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