With crashes and overturns, recklessness continues to dominate the streets of the Region

With crashes and overturns, recklessness continues to dominate the streets of the Region

A truck overturned at 21 cy 460 after being hit by a car / Web

Road accidents continue to be the order of the day in the City. Yesterday, just a few hours after the tragic episode that cost the life of a police officer belonging to the Immediate Operations Tactical Unit in the vicinity of El Bosque, the streets of the Region once again became scenes of traffic accidents.

According to the data that this newspaper was able to collect, the wave of incidents began in the heart of the founding town. Based on the police report, at the intersection of Diagonal 74 and Calle 45, a 53-year-old man who was driving a Volkswagen model SurĂ¡n vehicle rammed a retiree who was crossing those arteries.

As a result of the event, an ambulance attended the scene and transferred the victim to a health center to undergo studies after they detected a blow to the head.

The string of accidents continued at 14 and 32. For reasons that are being tried to establish, two motorcyclists who were traveling in low-cylinder vehicles collided with each other, causing them to suffer minor injuries and blows. “A medical team treated them and no transfer to a hospital was required,” said a witness.

A similar situation took place minutes later in another sector of downtown La Plata. A municipal employee had to be taken to a hospital after the motorcycle she was riding on collided with another when it reached the intersection of 7th and 49th streets.

In the Northern Zone of the Region, borderline situations were also recorded with two accidents that left injuries with more serious health conditions.

A pickup truck driven by a female was struck squarely by a vehicle upon reaching 21 y 460 of City Bell. The impact was of such magnitude that the largest vehicle ended up overturning and the remaining one reported irreversible structural damage to the front of the body.

A strong climate of tension and despair for the health of those involved was generated in the place. As it turned out, while the ambulance and firefighters arrived, neighbors assisted the owner of the truck and her children, who were going to class at the time of impact.

Meanwhile, in the other vehicle the driver suffered several cuts to his face. Both adults and minors were transferred to different hospital units to receive medical assistance.

Finally, an 18-year-old boy suffered a severe blow to the hip after the motorcycle he was riding, a Honda Wave, collided with a Renault Duster at 484, between diagonal 8 and 10. “He was transferred to the Gonnet Hospital for a possible fracture.” a police source said.

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